Educators should use every resource within their grasps to position all youth for success.

Empowering Black Male Educators

Get UnStuck!!!

Studies have shown that educators with high sense of self-efficacy (a type belief in yourself) are more effective in their schools across a variety of different teaching performance standards. An educator’s sense of self-efficacy influences the goals they sets, the type of learning they engage in, the quality of their effort, and their level of task persistence. Ayodele empowers educators by deepening their understanding of self-efficacy and providing practical strategies and tools for strengthening it.


Ayodele is frequently requested to facilitate the following workshops:

Strategies for Strengthening Self-Efficacy in Black Male Educators
Ayodele convenes Black Male Educators to take a close look at how they can find greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their profession by strengthening their sense of self-efficacy. Participants will learn the framework of self-efficacy and 9 practical strategies they can use immediately to strengthen it.

Strengthening Self-Efficacy in Black Educators: Strategies for School Leaders
Ayodele walks participants through the framework of self-efficacy and shares a 4-point approach for developing individual, small cohorts and school-wide initiatives/programs to foster a greater sense of self-efficacy in Black faculty and staff.


Ayodele is building a library of online trainings for the Get UnStuck!!! Series.

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Get UnStuck!!! 60-Day VIP Coaching for Black Male Educators

Ayodele guides Black Male Educators through a series of steps to identify their professional needs and provides practical strategies they can use to get on a path to experiencing greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their work. Steps include, but not limited to:

  • Understanding of the impact and framework of self-efficacy
  • Establishing common language to pinpoint your needs
  • Customizing strategies they can use to strengthen their self-efficacy
  • Developing and practicing methods for effectively communicating their needs with their professional community.

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Thoughtful, Resourceful, Independent, Perseverant

T.R.I.P. Thinkers

Critical thinking and problem solving, oral and written communication, and assessing and analyzing information have been identified as necessary skills in the 21st century. Using research guided and classroom tested strategies and tools, Ayodele equips math educators to effectively cultivate 21st century skills in all students (below grade-level, on-grade level, and advanced).  Additionally, Ayodele shares instructional practices that accompany the strategies to strengthen students’ abilities to better articulate thinking (both verbally and in writing), while building a healthy classroom environment where all feel welcomed and respected.  Ayodele’s strategies and practices are practical and can be easily implemented into just about any classroom learning activity.  Ayodele believes that with the right support and tools all educators can effectively and efficiently position all students to consistently access to basic and challenging concepts and to take greater ownership in their learning.


Ayodele is frequently requested to facilitate the following workshops:

Personalizing Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in a Math Classroom

Ayodele shares highly engaging strategies to improve students’ critical thinking and reasoning skills, strengthens their abilities to articulate their thinking, and positions all students to take greater ownership in their learning

Building and Sustaining Grit and Resilience in All Students

Ayodele shares strategies and tools related to defining, recognizing and cultivating grit (perseverance, resilience and determination to accomplish long-term goals) in all students.

The Foundations of a Healthy Classroom Environment

Ayodele dives deep into the roles teacher-student relationships, physical and emotional safety, and academic pacing play in building healthy learning environments.


Ayodele guides Math Educators through a series of steps to identify the learning needs of their students and integrate thought provoking and engaging learning activities into their current curriculum.  Steps include, but not limited to:

  • Discussing students’ willingness to engage in the problem solving process
  • Creating interactive classroom activities that will challenge and foster greater critical thinking skills
  • Customizing strategies for improving students’ abilities to formulate well organized arguments, both verbally and in writing
  • Sharing instructional techniques for fostering healthy communication between students

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STEM Programs to Classroom Success

Change the Trajectory

STEM programs provide unique opportunities for Black boys and girls to learn about STEM careers and gain access to academic and industry professionals. Ayodele partners with programs and organizations to develop and equip staff to engage and explicitly teach students the skills and healthy mindsets needed to experience greater success in math and science classes. These skills and mindsets prepare students of all ability levels to seek out, persevere and successfully complete regular and advanced level STEM coursework when they return to their respective schools.


Ayodele offers his knowledge and skills for projects and is available to consult on the following topics and more:

  • Designing and implementing critical thinking and problem solving themed curriculum to create authentic learning experiences
  • Designing and implementing professional development for lead instructors and mentors that equips them to facilitate collaborative learning experiences, while at the same time fostering safe and healthy relationships between students
  • Developing and articulating the learning objectives of the program
  • Assessing alignment of program policies/procedure, academic/enrichment curriculum and instructional with the overall mission and learning objectives of the program.

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