Are you a Black Male Educator who feels stagnant, unfulfilled or not very motivated in your work as an educator? Are you feeling ineffective, voiceless or isolated at your school? Are you feeling frustrated, because certain parts of your practice are regularly being called into question?


Are you a teacher, instructional coach, grade-level coordinator, or school leader looking to strengthen your students’ ability to think critically and collaborate effectively? Do you want to learn (and experience!) highly engaging strategies that increases student engagement, grows their ability to express thinking (orally and in writing), and positions them to take greater ownership in their learning?

Change the Trajectory

Are you the director or site coordinator of a program that exposes the beauty, joy and promising future of STEM fields, but are finding that your students are struggling when they return to their math classes? Do you have students that come alive and are intrinsically motivated to complete projects in robotics, coding, makers or digital media clubs, but are bored and disengaged in science courses?

Service in Action

Watch three Black male educators share their thoughts after a session with Ayodele were he provided them with strategies to strengthen their self-efficacy.

Ayodele shares the first point of a 5-point strategy he uses to jumpstart the critical thinking and problem solving process in the math classroom.

Watch Ayodele cultivate perseverance in a student that is somewhat reluctant by asking questions, inviting other student voices into the discussion, and giving consistent encouragement.


Ayodele Harrison is a transportation engineer turned master math educator and educational consultant. From Oakland CA, to Washington DC, to Johannesburg South Africa, Ayodele has been a math educator and assumed a wide range of roles to support school and student access for more than 15 years. He has taught in public, private, and international school communities. Additionally, Ayodele has designed, facilitated, and directed STEM focused learning opportunities (activities and camps) for girls, children of color and other vulnerable youth.

Ayodele is Senior Partner with the Atlanta-based firm CommunityBuild Ventures. Ayodele believes that in the right learning environment. 1) Every educator will view their work in schools as worthwhile and fulfilling; and 2) All youth will be positioned to excel academically and thrive individually. That said, Ayodele invests his time, talents and treasures in equipping K-20 educators with strategies and tools to ‘get the environment right.’

Ayodele provides research guided and classroom tested professional development solutions for educators and schools in the form of trainings, coaching, and consulting.

Since 2015, Ayodele has facilitated workshops and learning sessions, across the Southeast region of the United States for over five hundred K-20 educators and community leaders. The organizations included National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence, Georgia State University (GSU) and the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (GCTM).

Born in Seattle, WA, Ayodele holds a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Civil Engineering from Howard University and University of California, Berkeley, respectively. Ayodele lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Natasha and two children Ajani and Ifetayo.

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